4 Kid-Safe Social Networks

4 Kid-Safe Social Networks
4 Kid-Safe Social Networks
By Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch-makers of Net Nanny


Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace aren’t the only social networking sites out there. You don’t have to sacrifice your child’s safety or block Facebook in order for them to be able to socialize online. Here are reviews of a few kid-friendly social media sites:




A social network designed for kids ages 8-13, Everloop lets kids choose an avatar to communicate with other avatars in the community. Users can send friend requests, and post personal photos and videos that only friends can see.


Security Features: Both the parent and child have their own account. Kids can create a profile without parental approval; however it will not have any interactive capabilities until authorized by the parent. In order for parents to create an account, they must give their credit card OR Social Security Number- this keeps questionable characters from signing up.


Because parents have an account as well, they automatically receive notifications when their kids want to join groups, add friends, or post anything.




For teens who want to be a part of the “social media scene” but aren’t old enough yet, Yoursphere is set up for kids ages 9-16.  The site encourages positive interaction on the web while discouraging bullying. Each time a child displays “positive interaction,” they are rewarded with credits to use on the site. Yoursphere allows kids to design and create web pages, play games, and connect with friends.


Security Features: Parents must undergo a background check before a child’s account can be activated. This sign-up filters out any registered sex-offenders that could potentially be predators for children.


Although the website provides a virtual world for interaction, it is clean; if there is any bad language used, the database immediately marks it out.


Caution: A user’s profile is visible to players that haven’t been added as friends.


Sweety High


Just for girls, SweetyHigh’s slogan is “empowering girls to discover their dreams.” This social network is a combination of Facebook + Youtube and appeals to tweens. Besides being an instructional site on internet safety, SweetyHigh focuses on creativity and self-expression. It has updates on shopping, fashion, and celebrities–everything a tween girl would want.


Safety Features: This site avoids cyberbullying and promotes constructive feedback on videos/posts. The girls can receive karma points through positive comments left on another users’ post which can be traded for a reward.




Kidzworld is a semi-social network for tweens and teens. Other than chatting with other users, it promotes self-expression through the creation of blogs, stories and poetry. Kids can ask questions on a community feed and receive advice/feedback. Kids can also play games, watch videos and receive homework help.


Security Feature: Kidzworld is monitored 24/7 between a live staff and some filtering software. While users are interacting in the chat rooms and forums, they are monitored and any inappropriate content will be blocked.


Caution: An older teen audience tends to use this site which results in many questions/forums about puberty and sex.



Source: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/lists/social-networking-for-kids

Note: This article and the opinions expressed here are from Russ Warner, Internet safety expert and CEO of ContentWatch, makers of parental control software Net Nanny.  Follow Russ on Google+.

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Simple Anti-Aging Tips to Keep You Looking Younger

Simple Anti-Aging Tips to Keep You Looking Younger

The aging process is one of the many things that you cannot stop from happening. In other words, this process is considered inevitable and inescapable. Nevertheless, the signs and symptoms of aging can always be reduced or delayed with the help of some simple and easy anti-aging tips. Personally, I have already tried these anti-aging techniques and all I can say is that the results are more than satisfying. With proper lifestyle and a healthy diet, you can definitely age gracefully and look a lot younger than your actual age.

The Help Provided by Green Tea

One of the many things that can help you stay and feel younger is to drink plenty of green tea. Although green tea is commonly used in Asia, this healthy drink is already gaining popularity in many Western countries as an anti-aging product. This can provide you with many health benefits and it is also packed with a lot of antioxidants and properties that can boost your body’s metabolism. This is the reason why I strongly suggest this drink to be included in your diet.  Aside from green tea 5 htp is another excellent natural way.

Soy as an Anti-Aging Product

Another wonderful product that you can consume in order to make you look younger is soy. Soy is a plant-based product that is rich in protein. These are wonderful alternatives to meat since it does not contain any fat that could put your health at risk. Some of the common soy products that you can try include tofu, Miso, soy sauce, and edamame just to mention a few.

Improving Body Performance through Walking

One way in order to keep your body fit and healthy is to do proper exercise. However, finding time to go to the gym can already be considered a luxury especially with your hectic and busy schedule. Because of this, you can always rely on alternative activities that can keep your body moving. One of these is simply through walking. If your destination is only a few meters away from you, you can always try walking instead of riding your car. This will help you improve your cardio performance and is a perfect anti-aging regimen.

Apply Proper Sun Block

Although sunlight can be very helpful in nourishing the skin, too much sun can also be damaging to the skin cells. The intense heat of the sun contains UV rays that are actually dangerous to the skin cells and can make the skin look old and dry. Because of this, it is definitely better for you to apply any type of lotion that contains SPF in order to block the negative effects of sunlight.


As a mom its important to learn about garcinia cambogia side effects before they become a problem.

Usefulness Of Lavender On Skin

Lavender is an incredible product which has many uses on the human body. It is a natural ingredient which has been used for centuries to take care of a cornucopia of skin problems. It is good for basic maintenance of the skin as well as handling several skin problems, from burns all the way to acne.

This ingredients most obvious function once applied is its rejuvenating properties. It assists in rejuvenating the skin, hydrating and allowing nutrients to flow to the surface of the skin. The essential olive oils for sexy skin from lavender cleanse the skin and heals away many problems.

The greatest scope of this healing comes from the rejuvenating and hydrating properties. With lavender healing in a natural way, the hydrating properties assist in healing eczema and psoriasis. It assists in sunburns by giving back hydration to the skin that was lost. This assists in avoiding peeling.

The rejuvenating properties of lavender helps in avoiding the itching feeling associated with sunburns. This also assists in healing regular burn wounds. It goes as far as to lessening the appearance of scar tissue, wrinkles, and acne. All of these things are significantly impacted if lavender is put on the affected area soon after its appearance.

Even if one get athletes foot or bug bites, lavender can act as a deterrent. If you get a cut or bruise this also helps. The best rule of thumb is that lavender helps skin heal faster than it would otherwise. Anything that damages the skin can generally be improved by putting on this natural ingredient.

The way that it assists with acne is in helping to clean out the pores of the skin. This will also help with infections if you get them. Just put lavender on the affected area again, and it assists in the healing process.

Lavender is an incredible ingredient which is wonderful for the skin in many different ways, and is best applied through natural oils directly to needed areas.

Internet Marketing And Its Significance

The Internet has become ubiquitous in recent years. It is an ocean of information that can be accessed at the click of a button. The amount of information on the Internet has skyrocketed in the last few years and will only expand in the future. People of all ages, from adults to school kids, have access to the Internet and it has become their primary source of information. Given the wide spectrum of users and the level of penetration of this tool in our lives, Internet marketing has become one of the most important advertising tools for companies. Today, almost every company spends a very significant amount of its advertising budget on Internet marketing.

There are various ways of marketing on the Internet. Some of them are display marketing, Email marketing, Inbound marketing, video marketing. Display advertising is one of the most common forms of marketing on the Internet. Such a marketing ploy employs the use of electronic banners and banner advertisements on third-party websites to increase awareness of their company products. The other way to market products is through emails. It involves sending commercial mails to the target group using electronic mails. Social media websites are increasingly being used for marketing and creating product awareness. Search engine marketing is gaining popularity by the day. It seeks to promote the visibility of websites in search engine results by use of search engine optimization techniques known as organic result. There are various ways in which online marketing can be purchased like Cost Per Mille, Cost Per View, Cost Per Click and so on. The revenue model depends on the purpose of the advertisement and the website on which it is displayed, and if you are looking for a company to help you manage all that I suggest a good Utah SEO agency.

The Internet has become a very important marketing tool and its role is set to increase manifold in the years to come. Companies are placing more emphasis on Internet marketing than ever before and it grabs a lion’s share in their marketing expenditure.